Thursday, 9 July 2015

E.l.f matte lip color review

Elf matte lip color - £3

I got these lipsticks a couple of weeks back and have been wearing them nearly everyday since! The formula of them is really nice considering they are meant to be a matte lipstick so you would expect them to be drying, but not they are not at all drying, there are in no means a moisturising lipstick but they are not drying so I will still take that as a plus! The Pink/purple one is called Tea rose and is such an everyday lovely colour it goes with any eye make-up I find, so I am sure will stay a make-up stable and must have in my make-up bag.The red one is called rich red and if I am honest I was a little disappointed with this one only a little though, and that is because at first it comes out as more of a pinkish red and I thought it was going to be like the name says a rich red or post box red but if you apply it a few times it does build up to be a deeper red so that doesn't matter but then there is the fact that it is meant to be a mate lipstick but in my opinion isn't that matte I actually think it has a bit of a shine to it, but all in all I think the elf matte lipstick are great value for money, as they last quite long considering the price I would say you just have to reapply about twice during the day, so i would definitely recommend these lipsticks,

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  1. Perfect colours for the coming fall season! X

    All black errythin'fun over on-

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