Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Review - maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner

This eye-liner has been my favourite of main for more than a year and has only just started to run out/dry out now! It has lasted me very well and i will definitely be repurchasing a new one very soon, as i don't if any liquid eye-liner could be as good as this one!

From the bottom picture you will be able to see that you can get a very precise and thin line so you can see you they called it master precise! like i said before main is running out so it doesn't give a precise line as a new one does and is also not as black as it a new one will be!This eye-liner wears pretty well and will last throughout the day without wearing off but will start to smudge of if you rub at it! At £5.99 this is a very reasonably priced eye-liner and has zero bad points in my opinion so if your looking for a new liquid eye-liner i would highly recommend this.

Would I repurchase/recommend? - | YES | NO | MAYBE |

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  2. Been on a hunt for a decent liquid liner pen for ages, all the ones I try just seem to dry up almost instantly - definitely want to try this now!
    Zelda xxx

  3. I love the variety you can get from that liner! Might just have to give it a try! x


  4. Seems like a great liquid liner. I'm content with my current liner, but I always enjoy trying new products regardless. Thanks for sharing! :)


  5. I've been considering getting this eye liner for a while, will definitely give it a go when my current eye liner runs out! I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, head over to my blog to see the details :) Beth xxx


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