Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review - MUA eyeshadows

shade 20 - superdrug

shade 11 - superdrug

shade 24 - superdrug

shade 22 - superdrug

shade 20, shade 11, shade 24 and shade 22
MUA eye shadows are sold at superdrug and on the MUA website for £1

MUA eyeshadows  are super high pigmented and easy to blend and at just £1 they are amazing value for money! In total i have four MUA eyeshaows, three pearl (the last three swatches) and one matte (the first swatch). The eyeshadows don't fade and  are quite long lasting alone but with a eyeshadow primer wont come off till the end of the day, but its not necessary to use one.When applying them the pearl eyeshadows have some fall out like any shimmer/glitter eyeshadows nothing to really worry about.

  • The first eyeshadow is shade 20 which is a dark matte black.
  • The second eyeshaow is shade 11 which is a bronzed copper brown with shimmers of gold when swatched,but in the pot it doesn't look anything alike it does swatched.
  • The third eyeshadow is shade 24 a which is  brown/purple with gold/pink shimmers.
  • The forth eyeshadow is shade 22 which is a pale pink with a touch of gold with blue shimmers.

MUA have a total of five matte eyeshadows and 26 pearl eyeshadows (it says theirs 34 pearl eyeshadow but superdrug only sell 23 and MUA sell 26) so there will definitely be a shade you like! I will definitely be buying some more to add to my collection, The MUA eyeshadows are perfect for you if you're just starting out with makeup because you can experiment with different colours for just £1 an eyeshaow, their also great if you want to start to build up your makeup collection, because at just £1 you cant go wrong!

Would i repurchase/ recommend? - | YES | NO | MAYBE 

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I thought i could do a series of review posts on different brands thats i own, for example if i picked MUA i would review their blushers, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeliners etc.. and then do an overall post about that brand. iI you like the sound of that let me know in the comments or on twitter , what brand you would like me to choose or if you want me to carry on with MUA, i look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Oh these look lovely, might have to head along to my local superdrug and check these out!

    Jen x

  2. I love the MUA eyeshadows too!
    I have quite a few of their palettes.
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  3. Love MUA, they are such a fantastic bargain brand! xx

  4. Such a good, bargain brand! Love shade 25 :)
    Lydia Rose

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  10. Great review! I love these shades. You have a really nice blog, I'm a new follower.

    Sarah x

  11. Great review, I especially love shade 24!

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    Rebecca x

  12. great products ^^
    You have a lovely blog! Keep posts coming! :)
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  13. seems like that are very good products!
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  17. Ahh. Great review!



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