Thursday, 11 July 2013

Review - body shop natural lip roll on in berry

I have the body shop natural lip roll in the flavour/scent berry. I wouldn't say it it was a strong scent sometimes i can smell it and other times i can't.while i was in store i did smell the the other flavour/scents too which were: rose, orange, mint, coconut and then berry which i got. Some of them have quite a strong smell and others you couldn't really smell anything, so if you don't like strong scented products then there will be one for you as well if you do like strong scented products, win win for everyone.

The natural lip roll on is very moisturising and leaves the lips smooth and soft just like it says it will.It has 100% natural ingredients, and doesn't leave the lips sticky.The only downside of this product is that it seems to take ages for it to sink into the lips, which can be a bit annoying because it has a kinda slimily/slippery feel on the lips. I wouldn't say this is a major problem but would suggest you use it on a night before you go to bed rather then in the morning when your doing your makeup, or you could apply it over a lipstick to give it a nice glossy look.

Overall i would recommend this product because of how soft it leaves your lips and would  repurchase it in the future, after i have used up all my other lip care things i have.

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Review - rimmel vinyl jelly gloss lip liner

I have rimmel vinyl jelly gloss lip liners in the colours 004 sorbet and 001 moreish. 004 sorbet is pink/red colour and 001 moreish is a barbie light pink colour. i personally prefer 001 moreish and have been wearing it everyday recently all over the lips as my lip colour.

They apply really easily and basically just glide onto the lips, you can get a nice precise line if they are sharp, if not its a bit more difficult.I personally wear them all over the lips as my lip colour instead of using them as a lip liner by drawing on my lips and then applying a lipstick over. They blend really easily and i  think they give the lips a nice glossy colour.I would say they have a bit of glitter/shimmer to them in the pink one its more visible then other one. They okay on the lips not anything fantastic you do have to apply more than once a day but they are really moisturising.

One thing iv noticed is that  i can only apply it once- twice before its blunt..Just something to think about because i think they will quickly run out/be used up.

I was looking for them on boots/superdrug and i cant find them so i think they have been discontinued which is a bit annoying but places like Amazon have them. They cost about £2 - £4 depending on where you can buy them.If they hadn't been discontinued i would definitely repurchase them, so if you see them in a store near you i would definitely try them before you cant get your hands on them.

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