Sunday, 16 June 2013

Review - rimmel sun shimmer bronzing powder Medium matte

£5.59 - superdrug ( currently on offer at £3.69)
£5.61- boots

This is my go to bronzer if am in a rush and want to quickly contour and make my face look more glowly and healthy with a bit of colour.This is normally quite hard to find in a bronzer as i am quite pale but this does the job perfectly, i use medium matte.This is defiantly one of my favourite bronzer and never lets me down.What's even better is the price at £5.59 you really cant go wrong.

The formula is nice isn't too chalky and is very easy to apply with a brush ( it doesn't swatch well though ahah) It doesn't have an orange or muddy look to it. It is very easily buildable so you can keep applying until you achieve your desired look. It does have a slight make-up smell to it,but i personally like it but again its not to strong so not something i would worry about. The bronzer states that it is matte but its does have a slight shimmer to it, it's nothing to visible though

Overall i would highly recommend this bronzer, and think it would be a good product to have in anyone's makeup collection.

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

nail varnish cake stand holder/organiser

If your stuck how to organise and store your nail varnish, this could be your solution. Follow the steps below to create your own nail varnish holder like above. 

1- first of all get your cardboard and place your cake stand on top of it, then take your pencil and draw around the bottom of your cake stand, then cut it out. Test it out to see if fits, if it doesn't trim it till it dose.

2- in about the middle with your pencil or scissors make a hole, then draw a line from the middle to the edge then cut it out. You will now have to make the hole bigger and the line wider till it will fit your cake stand.

3- place the piece of cardboard into the bottom section of the cake stand.

4- for the middle section cut out what you think the size circle will be, then trim till it fits and repeat the above steps.

5- for the top section cut out a circle that you think will fit it then, then trim it till it fits and then put it in the top section.  

6 - Then place all you nail varnish into the cake stand, i personally like to organise them into colours,
  • top section- clear,whites,nudes
  • middle section-pink,purple,orange,red 
  • bottom section -green,blue,grey,black (i have some spare space so also keep nail polish, nail files,gems etc.. anything to do with nails really)
Its up to you though how you organise them, that's just how i do.

Hope you found this helpful if your stuck how to organise/store your nail varnish/polish, how do you organise/store yours? tell me in the comments or on twitter i would love to hear from you.

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