Saturday, 22 December 2012

Review - The Body Shop liquid eyeliner

About:The Body Shop liquid eyeliner in 01 Black retails at £9.00. 

Body shop says:

This liquid liner is easy to control. The fine felt-tipped applicator delivers colour exactly where you want it.

  • Easy to apply
  • smudge-resistant
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Opthalmologically tested
  • Suitable for contact-lens wearers


I would say this eyeliner is very easy to apply the brush is a bit like a felt tip and is quite stiff so it is easy to get a straight line. It also has a thin tip so it is easy to get a thick or thin line.


The colour is definitely an intense black if it is gone over twice, but if not it is still quite a dark black but not quite as intense. Once dry it has a lovely matte effect unlike most liquid eyeliners.

Staying power:

It stays okay on the eye's all day but in old places it starts to fade a little and can some times be smudged.

For some reason when i first apply this eyeliner it makes my eyes sting. Once it has dried my eyes stop stinging, but if i rub my eyes my eyes start stinging again. This is probably because i have some of the eyeliner in my eye's or something, but am not quite sure why my eyes hurt when i first apply it.

Good points:

  • It's matte
  • Is an intense black 
  • Easy to apply

Bad points:

  • quite expensive 
  • makes my eyes sting


Overall I wouldn't say its a terrible eyeliner but its not one i would repurchase and is definitely not one for someone with sensitive eyes or maybe contact- lens wearers even though it says it is. I may even throw this eyeliner away because it hurts my eyes so much, which is a real shame because everything else about it is good well apart from the price and i have heard lots of good reviews about it and love lots of the bodyshop products so it was a bit of a let down for me.

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