Wednesday, 28 November 2012

D.I.Y - decorating ikea draws ( makeup storage )

Hi everyone, today's post is a D.I.Y on decorating the Ikea Moppe Mini chest draws.They cost £17 which i think is good value for money.You can personalize these draws so much till there to your taste. These draws are defiantly multi purpose i am going to use them to store my makeup but there are loads of other uses for them.

Here is a video that i did to help you see how i did my draws,It starts from when they are painted:

You will need: paint, paint brush, ruler/knife/piece of wood(something to mix the paint) glue/spray mount, cardboard, scissors, pencil, ruler, wallpaper/wrapping paper(the wrapping paper i used was from house of Fraser).
1. Paint the draws and the frame(you don't need to paint inside the draws,the bottom of the draws or the back of the frame which holds the draws)

 2. This is what it should then look like after you painted it. I used Laura Ashley duck egg blue paint. You could leave the outside like this if you like this look.

3. You then need to do the inside of the draws with your wrapping paper/wallpaper. To do this make a cardboard template of the inside of the box using the bottom of the box as a guide line. Then cut out the wrapping paper/wallpaper using the template. Spray mount the inside of the draw and stick down the wrapping paper/wallpaper.

4. Then place the front of your draw onto the wrapping paper/wallpaper draw around it then cut it out. Once you have done this take the spray mount and spray the front of the draw and then stick the wrapping paper/ wallpaper down.

5. Do as many of the draws with wrapping paper/wallpaper as you like and then you are done. The last job to do is fill the draws full of your makeup or what ever you are going to put in them.

Thank you for reading,
 i hope this was useful for you if you are stuck what to store your makeup in. I would love to here what you thought about this post please leave me a comment below or tell me on twitter. Send me a picture if you try it out and if you have any requests please tell me i would love to hear from you.


  1. a very nice tutorial, keep on posting, just a very nice blog


  2. These are gorgeous! They look so proffesional! :)


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