Sunday, 12 August 2012

D.I.Y - Bow back top

Hi everyone, This post is going to be on how to create bow back tops. Their so simple,easy to do and look great and you hardly need anything to be able to do them. Also it doesn't involve any sowing which is great seem as i cant sow and am sure many other people cant too or maybe just don't like too. 

Bow back tops are so versatile and add something to any outfit and are great for the summer time, iv been seeing a few bow back tops in shops lately so this is a great cheaper alternative.You also get to add abit of your own style to them by deciding how big or how many bow you want or how big you want the gaps between the bows to be and you get to reuse one of your old tops so its better then buying a new one and it saves you a bit of money.

I did not come up with this am not sure who did but the person who i found it from was Macbarbie07 when she did a video on how to do bow back tops so i thought i would do a post on how i did it hope you like it.

The things you will need to make a bow back top is a top, a piece of cardboard, scissors, fabric clue, and a Stanley knife and ruler but if you have a rottery cutter/ fabric cutter then that would be a lot better and quicker I just didn't have one.

 First cut about half an inch to 1 inch of fabric from the bottom of your top trying to get it as neat as possible.

You should be left with something like this. 

cut the fabric that you got from the bottom of your top into strips about 3-4 inch , you will need about six pieces depending how many bows you want. 

 Place the piece of cardboard inside of your top (this will stop you cutting the front of your top at the same time)

place the ruler where you want to make your first cut and carefully cut the fabric don't go to the ends though. 

Keep cutting slits into your fabric about 4 inchs apart and you should have something like this. 

Pinch the fabric in the middle and take a strip of the fabric you cut earlier and warp it around where you pinched the fabric together in the middle.

 Take your fabric glue and glue down the piece of frabic ( you could sow this insted but i think the glue is quicker and easier then sowing and the glue works just fine )

carry on repeating the above steps by taking a piece of fabric and glueing it down to create the bow, then you should be left with something like this and your done.

Hope you liked this d.i.y if you found this helpful or try it out, or if you have any requests for more d.i.y posts let me know in the comments below, thanks for reading hope you have all have a  wonderful day.