Thursday, 9 July 2015

E.l.f matte lip color review

Elf matte lip color - £3

I got these lipsticks a couple of weeks back and have been wearing them nearly everyday since! The formula of them is really nice considering they are meant to be a matte lipstick so you would expect them to be drying, but not they are not at all drying, there are in no means a moisturising lipstick but they are not drying so I will still take that as a plus! The Pink/purple one is called Tea rose and is such an everyday lovely colour it goes with any eye make-up I find, so I am sure will stay a make-up stable and must have in my make-up bag.The red one is called rich red and if I am honest I was a little disappointed with this one only a little though, and that is because at first it comes out as more of a pinkish red and I thought it was going to be like the name says a rich red or post box red but if you apply it a few times it does build up to be a deeper red so that doesn't matter but then there is the fact that it is meant to be a mate lipstick but in my opinion isn't that matte I actually think it has a bit of a shine to it, but all in all I think the elf matte lipstick are great value for money, as they last quite long considering the price I would say you just have to reapply about twice during the day, so i would definitely recommend these lipsticks,

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Review - maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner

This eye-liner has been my favourite of main for more than a year and has only just started to run out/dry out now! It has lasted me very well and i will definitely be repurchasing a new one very soon, as i don't if any liquid eye-liner could be as good as this one!

From the bottom picture you will be able to see that you can get a very precise and thin line so you can see you they called it master precise! like i said before main is running out so it doesn't give a precise line as a new one does and is also not as black as it a new one will be!This eye-liner wears pretty well and will last throughout the day without wearing off but will start to smudge of if you rub at it! At £5.99 this is a very reasonably priced eye-liner and has zero bad points in my opinion so if your looking for a new liquid eye-liner i would highly recommend this.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Ipanema flipflops

For some of you summer may be coming to an end and for others yours may be just starting! But here are some summer shoes you can't miss out on whether yours is over or just beginning! And that is Ipanema flipflops!

 I recently got sent these flipflops and have been wearing them ever since! They are the comfiest flipflops and am not just saying it for the sake of it it's true! Now I haven't tried many medium or high end flipflops just cheap ones for a £2 or £3 which I get for on holiday and throw away after as the normally break so I don't have much to compare them to but compared to them they are 100 x better! Ipanema flipflops are slightly moulded to help support your feet, and are very sturdy so I am sure they will wear well and last a long time. The flipflops i have are the tropical flipflops in the colour purple which retail at £14, which I think is very reasonable and well worth the money! They also have many different designs and colours so I am sure you will find a pair you like!

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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Review - Rimmel London Kate moss matte lipstick - 111 Kiss of Life

Hi everyone, so today I thought I would review the Rimmel London Kate moss matte lipstick in 111 kiss of life.This lipstick has to be hands down one of my favourites,If you watch my YouTube videos then you will have already heard me ramble on about how much I love this lipstick before, so I thought it was about time I wrote a full review of this product so everyone knows how good it is!

Rimmel London Kate moss matte lipstick (111 kiss of life) retails at £5.49 (currently on offer £3.99)

What i think:

The good points to this lipstick are that it apply's easily, is highly pigmented but at the same time go for a subtle or intense look depending on how you apply it. (I normally go for the intense look!) Is the perfect red colour (for me) and is matte and matte lipsticks are often hard to find at a reasonable price.It also doesn't dry out your lips which is what I expected because its a matte lipstick which is good.

The lasting time and wear of this lipstick is a good and bad point at the same time because even though it lasts well it could always last longer, and I would expect it to as it is a lasting finish lipstick! it last for about 3-4 hours without any signs of wear then slowly starts to fade from there on if you don't reapply it too keep up the intense look, but if you don't reapply it its still visible just not as intense I find myself reapplying it about 2 times throughout the day.

The main bad point to this lipstick is that I find the colour leaks of my lips a bit throughout the day onto my skin around the lips and I don't really know how to explain this and and I think if you got a lighter shade and not such a dark shade then this may not happen, its not the worse thing and isn't that noticeable so doesn't really bother me.

Good points:

  • It's matte
  • highly pigmented
  • lovely colour 
  • Easy to apply
  • good price
  • lasts well the lips - (okay wear)

Bad points:

  • colour leaks
  • wears off


I think this lipstick is amazing and I would recommend it to any one wanting a matte lipstick!

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Review - seventeen doll'd up mascara

The first thing i have to say about this mascara is that it is absolutely amazing. If your looking for a reasonable priced mascara that gives your lashes lots of length then this is the mascara for you!

The formula of this mascara is quite thin and watery, its not as watery as some I've tied but is compared to most mascaras,this has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that a thinner consistency means it sticks to the lashes better (in my opinion) and the disadvantages are that it sometimes splatters when you are applying it, leaving you with black speckles over your cheeks, its not as bad as am making it out to be, if your careful when applying it this should not be a problem.

The mascara wand is plastic with a curved head, it has tiny little bristles designed to get to every single one of your lashes and it does! Its also really easy to get to the very root of your lashes at your water line which makes your lashes look fuller.This mascara is definitely a lengthening mascara as it doesn't really give you any volume but i can easily look pass this as it lengths my lashes amazingly. This mascara really helps me too look more awake and give my lashes a real doll eyed effect, maybe why they called it doll'd up or maybe there saying get doll'd up for a night out! who knows.

Packaging wise its not that bad and to be honest i actually quite like it!It's simple design and minimal writing helps it to look quite expensive and sleek, as a cheap mascara they did pretty well on the packaging as most cheap mascaras actually look cheap and childish unlike this one.This mascara is reasonably priced at £6.29 and in my opinion is a great bargain. I would happily pay more for this mascara as it does a great job at lengthening my lashes and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a great lengthening mascara.

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